News Roundup

It’s time once more for the newsiest news in theatre and film from the past week:

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Singing from the Stage to the Screen (and back again)

So what I’m about to say could’ve easily remained within the confines of Twitter — which is where I originally posted it! — but I find it too interesting (did you enjoy that autofellatio?) not to provide it with the spotlight of its own piece.

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Jim Parsons, A (Brief) Mea Culpa

Jim Parsons will star in the film adaptation of Mathew Lopez’s play The Legend of Georgia McBride, which played New York City’s MCC Theater in 2015 before being produced at countless regional theatres elsewhere.

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Next Door at New York Theatre Workshop

This season marks the inaugural year of Next Door at NYTW, an acronym that stands for New York Theatre Workshop. As the moniker suggests, this venerable off-Broadway institution recently opened another black-box theatre — where else — next door to their longtime hub in the East Village.

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Weed in Art 2018: 20TH CENTURY BLUES (Signature Center)

Write All Nite‘s 2018 New Year’s resolution: evaluate how marijuana is depicted in movies and theatre. For instance, I’ll praise portrayals that view smoking weed as a cognitive stimulant, and I’ll lambast those that regurgitate tired tropes about stoners. Light one up, baby!

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