Tales of the American Heart(land)

Amidst the seemingly endless array of doomsday scenarios regarding the onset of Trump’s America being bandied about by many artists – a majority of whom are obviously liberal – a rare, commonly held bright spot in this darkness is the promise that at the very least some amazing art will be created in response to the years ahead. Very few have ever countered the quasi-adage ‘misery inspires better art than happiness’ for a reason.

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Boogaloo Down Broadway or: My Worried yet Loving Thoughts on How to Stop a Bruce Springsteen Musical from Bombing

Earlier this week, Michael Riedel of the New York Post reported that Bruce (Springsteen…for those who don’t know me) – after years of purportedly refusing to sell his music for others’ artistic (and financial) gain – is now open to lending his vast musical oeuvre to a Broadway musical. 

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RANKING THE RIVER – Introduction

In recent months, Bruce Springsteen has spoken more about what he was thinking when writing The River – objectively his most expansive and longest album; subjectively my favorite album of his, which is REALLY saying something – than he has at any other point in his career. For its 35th anniversary in 2015, Bruce Inc.[1] released a rather marvelous box set that includes:

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My Story

“35 summers on, let’s go down to The River and see what we find.”

With those 13 words,[1] Bruce Springsteen basically encapsulates everything that I hope to achieve with this blog. But since concision wasn’t on the top of Bruce’s mind when writing The River – the double album that practically willed this website into existence – I shall use a few more words to explain what you should expect to find on these pages in the coming months.

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