DANIEL’S HUSBAND, and the Sniffle Show Championship of 2016-2017

Michael McKeever’s Daniel’s Husband proves yet again that Primary Stages continues to be a bafflingly ignored hotbed of quality new plays.

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Theatre Roundup (Tweet-of-Consciousness)

Bull in a China Shop (LCT3)
Dear Evan Hansen (Broadway)
Escaped Alone (BAM)
THE GABRIELS: Election Year in the Life of One Family (Public)
Hamilton (Broadway)
Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 (Broadway)
The Object Lesson (NYTW)
The Present (Broadway)
The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart (McKittrick)
Sunday in the Park with George (Broadway)
Tell Hector I Miss Him (Atlantic)

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Tweet of Consciousness: Weekend News Roundup

News regarding Escape to Margaritaville; Sweat; Hamilton in London’s quest to stop scalpers/touts; the Stuttering Association for the Young (and Bruce Springsteen, kinda); the Ambassador Theatre Group/Colonial Theatre; and the Nassau Coliseum:

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Dear Second Stage: WHYYYYYYY?!?!

The Sparknotes version of the essential background information that you need to understand my impending temper tantrum: one of the best off-Broadway, nonprofit theatre companies – Second Stage (2ST) – recently upped their digs to the Great White Way by buying the Helen Hayes Theatre, the smallest on Broadway and thus perfectly suited for plays and more intimate musicals. For anyone who bemoans the lack of new plays on Broadway, this is objectively a stupendous development because 2ST has long been devoted to exclusively producing such work (they also stage new musicals like Next to Normal and Dear Evan Hansen, but despite the superior quality of these, I just can’t be AS excited about the prospect of more always-prevalent new musicals on the Great White Way). To quote lyrics from the former musical: “It’s gonna be good/It’s gonna be good/It’s gonna be great/It’s gonna be fucking great!” Or is it?

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Boogaloo Down Broadway or: My Worried yet Loving Thoughts on How to Stop a Bruce Springsteen Musical from Bombing

Earlier this week, Michael Riedel of the New York Post reported that Bruce (Springsteen…for those who don’t know me) – after years of purportedly refusing to sell his music for others’ artistic (and financial) gain – is now open to lending his vast musical oeuvre to a Broadway musical. 

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I – and Now Tony – Told You So…

A majority of what I wrote regarding the disappointing current Broadway revival of Cats focused on its creative team having the lazy gall simply to re-stage basically their same work from the original 1982 production. I’m not going to take a page from their book and just re-hash what I wrote in that piece, but I did want to call your attention to this little bit of news: 

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