YEN at MCC Theater

If you’re looking for a normal review of last season’s Yen at MCC Theater, then keep looking.

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ON THE EXHALE at The Roundabout Theatre Company

Martín Zimmerman’s On the Exhale at the Roundabout Theatre Company was a 60-minute masterclass in non-polemical and thus effective theatrical activism, anchored by the best performance of last season by Marin Ireland and the ingenious direction of Leigh Silverman.

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THE OUTER SPACE at the The Public Theater

In The Outer Space at the Public Theater – the best musical of last season – the inimitable Ethan Lipton utilized the ludicrously wide range of his musical voice to leave Earth far behind, both literally and figuratively, to obtain new, creatively absurd and absurdly creative, allegorically-resonant perspectives on the existentialism of Earth-bound existence.

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THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS Questions the Fate of the FURIOUS Franchise

The Fast and the Furious franchise shares more with Marvel movies than just overflowing box office riches. At their cores, they seek to offer audiences exactly what they expect, which basically constitutes nothing more than things that go BOOM.

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THE CIRCLE (James Ponsoldt)

When the most striking aspects of a cinematic adaptation of a novel that’s anything but novel (see what I did there?) cannot even be solely credited to the movie itself, it’s safe to say that no one needs to particularly rush to see it (especially since reading the original book – presumably worthwhile enough for a studio to spend money obtaining the film rights – would almost surely be a better use of time).

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