The Last Cine(ma)file on Earth

The tweet that started it all:

Unlike the vast majority of the world, I still strive to see movies in theaters, even though technical standards have (along with attendance) diminished. In hopes of improving this situation (by speaking truth to power…or something), I’ve started to Tweet my thoughts on every cinema that I visit (mostly in NYC). Since no database currently exists that collects such information in a single place, I decided to create one here, which will be continually updated with my future Tweets on this subject.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MOVIE THEATER EVALUATIONS, which can also be found in the dropdown menu underneath “Film” above.


2 thoughts on “The Last Cine(ma)file on Earth

    1. GREAT question, but also one that’s probably impossible to answer – kind of like picking your favorite child (or favorite Bruce song, for that matter…or favorite movie…or anything like that). Just so hard to compare quaintly minuscule independent theaters with imposing behemoths that allow perfect technical specs – they both serve their purposes, and I never want to live in a world where we only have one or the other. Plus, it’s really all about programming; smart managers pick movies for their theaters that fit the spaces. Plus plus, I have a special place in my nostalgic heart for my childhood movie theaters where I fell in love with movies, but it’s almost unfair to factor in such subjective aspects when evaluating this stuff.

      Even so, I would personally give the edge to old school, single auditorium theaters – the closest things that the 21st century has to movie palaces of lore. In that regard, the Cinerama Domes (in Seattle and at Arclight Hollywood in LA) and the dearly departed Ziegfeld Theatre come to mind when I think about my favorite places to see movies. If we’re talking overseas, the BFI in London is mind-blowing. For conventional multiplexes, no one does it better than the Alamo Drafthouse franchise.

      Ok, I’ve ranted enough here. What are YOUR favorite theaters? I shall add them to my “must visit” list!


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